Thursday, March 31, 2011


Finally I have created a piece of clothing for my son. I really think he gets jealous of all the stuff I make for his sister. It is about time I make him something special too. Especially since the kid loves clothes. He likes shopping, tries on several outfits every day, and insists on looking his best for church every Sunday in his church pants, church shoes, and a tie. He is really funny in that way. It is not that I don't love him or want to make him things it is just that most of the time with boy clothing is it cheaper to buy it than to make it. But then I saw these super cute boy pants on MADE and I thought I would make some shorts for my son.

I bought some Seersucker fabric at Joann's on sale, I only needed about 1/2 a yard. I originally cut some camo material for these shorts but once I completed the main portion I realized they were way too skinny and long. So I made a few adjustments to make them more shorts and less pants. First I left off the last section of the pattern to make them shorter. Then I added about 1 inch to the top and 1 inch to each side. I wish that I had lengthened the top even more because I could only get 1/4 inch elastic in for the waistband and I like a thicker waistband for shorts.
I also added a pocket on the side because every little boy needs a know for rocks, cars, and dinosaurs. The whole project took me about an hour to finish.

This morning I told Jackson that I made him something and I showed him the shorts. HE LOVED THEM. He wanted to wear them right away even though it is only about 65 degrees here. Just the smile on his face makes me want to make him more things to wear.
Of course when I don't want him in the picture he is all smiles but when I want to take a picture of him he gives the frowning face. What a pill!


Tina said...

Jessica, I love these shorts! You're right it is hard to find wearable craft stuff for boys. It gets harder as they get older. My little guy is 5 1/2 yrs old and big for his age. He wears a size 7-8 and He only likes pull on shorts. (for bathroom reasons) He's almost to the point of needing to move up to size 8 and those don't come with elastic waist. Darn! I'm thinking about sewing some for him but I don't want them to look baby-ish. The ones you made look so cool, and great for a 5yr old cool kid. Maybe I will try making him some, too! thanks for the post.

Jessica Stoker said...

You should go for it. Shorts are so easy and the pockets on the side give a cool kid feel.