Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fun Find Friday-Comfy Hoodie?

I love hoodies. I don't think there is any piece of clothing more comfortable than a worn in hoodie. However, they are not always the most attractive piece of clothing to wear. Well that is until now. Thanks to See Kate Sew I have a new outlook on an old hoodie.

Here is my take on the design.

I bought the premade ruffle but it wasn't ruffly enough so I did a basic full length stitch and scrunched the fabric to make it more ruffly. Other than that I pretty much followed her instructions.

Then I decided to try something different and add a lace ruffle instead of plain fabric. My sister wanted to learn how to make one so I instructed her using Kate's steps (my sister has like no sewing experience) and it looks amazing. Plus she was really proud that she made it herself.

So go to See Kate Sew and make your own hoodie remake.

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