Sunday, January 9, 2011

Personalized canvas wall art

I really enjoy making personalized gifts. Lately I've been making a lot of new baby nursery gifts. Although I haven't made of one these in the past couple of months, I thought this post would be a good start to a "wall art" section in our labels. I love painting on canvas because it is easy to embellish with buttons and other fun things. You can sew right through the canvas! I've seen these done on wood but that requires much more work (you have to drill through the wood in each spot you plan to stitch). Keep in mind that I do not consider myself an artist by any means. If you are nervous about painting on canvas, this might be a good starter project for you. You won't know how incredibly easy and great these are until you try one!

I made this for my nephew's birthday. He loves dinosaurs! I used metallic spray paint for the background instead of painting several coats with a brush. Then I drew on the dinosaurs and painted them in bright colors. The swirls on the background were drawn with a paper stencil. I used a pencil to trace the swirls on and then outlined them with a permanent marker. Yes, a marker. That's the beauty in can use any materials you want...for me, it's usually what I already have at home. I actually used vinyl to cut out the letters instead of painting them because I was running short on time. One good coat of modge podge sealed everything. Then I used felt to add grass, the sun, and the blue stegosaurus spikes. Each dinosaur has a googly eye glued on too. I think it turned out perfect for a dinosaur loving five year old!

I made this fun owl art for a friend with a new baby.
I sewed on felt leaves and buttons to embellish the painting.

The "Jack" painting is one of my favorites. I used my cricut to cut out the monkey and then found some cute jungle rub on stickers to make it even cuter.


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