Friday, January 28, 2011

FUN FIND FRIDAY-Yarn Valentine's Day Wreath

Ever since I took down my Christmas wreath my door has been missing something. I guess I just got used to seeing the beautiful Christmas wreath on the door every day so now it just looks plain and boring. Therefore, I decided to do something about it. Now I could go and buy something for my door which would be fine but why not take the opportunity to make something spectacular. So I looked around and got a lot of great ideas, but the one I fell in love with is yarn wreaths. These are adorable and there are some many colors and themes to choose from. But the best part is they are super cheap to make. All you need is...

-a straw or green foam wreath ring (Michaels $6.00 on sale with coupon $4.00)
-yarn (Michael's $3.50)
-felt pieces (4 pieces at .25 cents each)
-paper flowers (Michael's scrapbook area for $3.50)
-ribbon to hang it (used some from my ribbon stash)
-hot glue gun

TOTAL COST: $12.00

I found a great tutorial on how to make them so check out this site for step by step directions:

Here is what mine looks like:

I am planning on making another one after Valentine's Day that is more neutral colors. Here is a great etsy shop that I love that has some fun ideas.

Anna Hailey has a really unique style and I love the quirkiness of her designs.

I hope all of you go out and make your own yarn wreaths now!

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Unknown said...

Such a pretty wreath!