Monday, January 24, 2011

Clothing Embellishments

Do you ever get bored with your current wardrobe? I do all the TIME! However being a stay at home mom of two I don't really have the time or the money to be shopping for new clothing. So this week I decided to get a little inventive and start trying to do some embellishments on my current clothes. I have a lot of ideas for these type of changes however I started simple.

I love these sweaters. I see them everywhere ranging from $78.00 at JCrew (the picture below) to most recently $25 at Target. However I can do one better. I bought this cardigan from the Gap on sale for $15, 2 years ago and had some sheer satin ribbon in my ribbon collection. Added it to the outside of the sweater and presto. Same look for $0 out of my pocket.
JCrew Sweater

My Version

I also played around with rolled roses this week. I found this skirt for my daughter on sale at Old Navy for $9. I decided to dress it up with a few white and cream rolled roses. Now it is one of a kind.

There are a ton of these type of projects online. One that I really love is on See Kate Sew.
She takes an old hoodie, adds a little ruffle, and creates something super cute and comfy.

Stay tuned for more clothing make-over projects.

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jor johnson said...

That sweater is darling! I have so many cardigans I could definitely use to make one of these. Thanks!