Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank You Mom

If you've read the About Heather tab on this blog, you know I grew up beading and making jewelry with my best friend at a small local craft store during our summer breaks.  My mom deserves some recognition for allowing my creativity to grow during those summers.  I don't believe I ever thanked my mom for giving me rides, buying me supplies, making me feel like every little project I made was incredible, etc., etc., etc.!  Mom, thank  you!  Not only did you foster my creativity, but you set some pretty high standards with your own projects.  My mom sewed most of my baby clothes and always helped sew our local dance company costumes.  She also quilted, cross stitched, crocheted, and painted pottery!  I'm proud to say my creative genes came from my mom!

Me, my mom, and my daughter - Mother's Day dinner 2011
I made my mom a couple of fun things for her Mother's Day gift.  You might remember one of my very first posts on this blog - the felt pom initial cards.  My mom received a small set with distressed edges and vintage looking flowers.  So pretty.

I also made her something I saw at Sweet Rose Studios.  I met Katie at the Creative Estates conference and I really enjoy reading her blog.  She recently made a very functional family calendar/planner.  You can find Katie's great planner with a free template download here.  I used the template provided and made a few changes.  My parents never seem to know each other's work schedules so I thought it would be nice for them to be able to see both their schedules in one place.  I also removed the line to fill in blog stuff and added a line to write in the date.

Last year I purchased a binding machine.  Nothing fancy but it definitely is good to have on hand.  I have used it to make so much already - coloring books, recipe books, photo books, calendars, etc.  It was perfect for this project and helped me avoid a trip to Staples.  I embellished the cover with leftover stickers from a different project.

My mom loved it!
I am so proud that I have made sure to incorporate crafting into my daughter's daily schedule when we are home.  She loves to paint, draw, color, mold, glue, shape, and try any other new project I present to her.   I hope one day she can look back at her childhood and say that I inspired her creativity the way my own mother did mine. 

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