Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIWW-on Vacation

I am taking Heather's challenge of what I wore Wed this week and actually posting pictures of what I wore. Unlike Heather I LOVE SHOPPING so I figured it would be fun to show my finds. It is true what Heather has said in the past...taking a picture every day really makes you evaluate your wardrobe. After reflecting on my pictures I noticed that I wear almost the same thing every day. YUCK. I have a lot of work to do in adding variety. We will have to see if I improve over the next two weeks when I post again. Anyways, here it is:

Wed on the boat in Hawaii: 
swim shorts-Target
sun glasses- Macy's
hiking in Hawaii
sweatshirt-Forever 21
tank-Forever 21
shorts-Pac Sun
Sun glasses-local Hawaii shop

Back in AZ
tshirt-Charlotte Russe
capris-True Religions from Nordstrom Rack
shoes-Target (clearance yay)

Tank-Charlotte Russe
Shrug- Forever 21
Jeans-Hudsons from Costco

 fitted T-Downeast Outfitters
dress- Forever 21
Pearl Earings- Tiffany's & Co (a gift during the Schwab conference)

 shirt-Forever 21
capris-Nordstrom Rack
 shirt-Forever 21
shorts-Old Navy
 I also need to accessorize some more. I am kind of simple in that way (or maybe just lazy). I guess I need to look for some new ideas in the necklace dept.

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