Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Moving Day- New Blog Address

Please follow the link to check out our new page and update your address.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Down Comforter Quilt

 Anyone who knows me would tell you that I am not the most patient person. I usually choose projects that can be completed in one night. So when I thought about making a quilt for my son's room I felt a little nauseous. I wanted to make him something original and by me. Something that he can keep until he is old and know that "my mom made this just for me." But making a quilt is not my favorite sewing project. So I decided to cheat a little. Here is what I came up with:

I used a down comforter that is super fluffy and soft. I measured each square and cut my quilters cotton 1" smaller than the square. (the down comforter had 8" squares so I cut my cotton 7" into squares).
Next I cut some wonder-under into 6" squares. I ironed the wonder-under pieces to each of the cotton square pieces.
Then I ironed each cotton square to the down comforter. I started with one row. Then sewed down the row in a straight line starting at one end of the blanket and going over each square in the row until you reach the other end. Continue until all the sides of all the square are sewed down.

Throw your quilt into the washer and dryer to see all the square edges frayed.
It is fluffy and comfy with a quilt flair.

*If you don't like the frayed edges look you can turn all the edges of your squares under, iron the edges down, and then sew over the top of them so you don't have the frayed look.

EVMB Launch Day

It's LAUNCH DAY. After months of hard work and lots of learning I am proud to announce that the East Valley Moms Blog is up and running. Please go check it out and follow the blog because there will be tons of giveaways this month and great posts to celebrate our first month of blogging.

This blog is an all inclusive blog for moms that includes:
-health and fitness posts
-photography tips
-home decor and design
-party planning
-teaching your kids
and of course my specialty

-crafts and sewing

With a total of 21 moms contributing to the blog you will see a variety or ideas. So go check it out today and meet all the amazing women of the EVMB.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pinterest August #1

My internet has been out this week. I hate when that happens. It is amazing how much I depend on the internet. Without it I feel like I am detached from the world. Sad but true. But it is back and running therefore I spent my evening surfing the internet, gazing through Pinterest, and checking out my favorite blogs. There is so much happening in the blogesphere these days I am flooded with inspiration. If only I had more time. Here are some projects that caught my eye.

Chocolate Zucchini Bread-kids beware. Tasty and healthful.
 The title speaks for itself. Haven't tried it but if it works I am sold.
 Clay pot lighthouse. I need to make one of these for Christian's nautical room.
 Concrete steps that look like vintage pillows. These are just fantastic and amazing for a secret garden.
 Recycled Can Chimes- I think this would be a fantastic kids craft and a great learning activity focusing on sizes and comparisons.
Happy Pinning Everyone!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Face Phase 1- Head Shots

My blog needs a facelift. I am taking baby steps in this process, the first of which is getting some new head shots taken. I had my friend Erin from E.L. Hicks Photography take the pictures. Man is she talented. If you are in the Arizona greater Phoenix area I totally recommend her for personal pictures, family pictures, and her specialty maternity/newborn pictures. Talented and friendly, that combination makes me smile every time.

Thanks Erin. It is not often that I am in front of the camera and she really put me at ease.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Tailoring Part 1- Taking in a shirt

I love thrift shopping, when I have the time. There is something about finding a good deal that makes me want to shout it out from the top of a building and let everyone know where I got the item. Problem is most thrift shopping takes time to sort through the hundreds of racks and try on everything that catches your eye. With three little munchkins running around, hiding under the racks of clothes I don't really get out shopping much.

I did however make a recent trip to my favorite thrift store and found this adorable top for less than $5. The only problem, it is way too big. But for $5 I figured I could make some minor adjustments.

Tailoring flowy shirts is actually fairly simple.

Step 1: Try on the top and place some pins on both sides measuring where you would like the shirt to fit.
Step 2: Turn the shirt inside out and pin along the side seams from the hem all the way to the underarm slowly tapering as you go.
Step 3: Begin at the bottom hem and slowing sew along the side where you marked at an angle finishing under the arm. I like to sew right through the underarm to get a nice line, no puckering. Repeat with the other side making sure they as even in spacing as possible.

Step 4: Turn shirt right side out and viola, you have a trim shirt that fits you perfectly.

Easy remake and good practice for beginning sewers.