Monday, May 28, 2012

Guest Post-Jeanee from Dirty Laundry

We would like to welcome Jeanee today from Dirty Laundry. Dirty Laundry is a trend setting blog where Jeanee searches for great ideas, home crafts, gifts, and just plain on trend that are HOT right now. Her ideas are fantastic and she is a wiz at finding trends on the internet. She also has her own etsy site with cupcake bath fizzes these are so adorable and would be the perfect gift for a GNO, birthday party, or bridal shower.

Hey there Craft Addicts! My name is Jeanee from Dirty Laundry/TrendBoost and I'm so happy that Heather and Jessica invited me to come blog about all that glitters.
My personal passion is gold AND glitter! Luxurious and decadent gold has been the hot metallic on the scene. (Be sure to watch for warm rose gold to take over). But if you going for the gold you should go all the way and add some sparkle and shine with glitter! And what way to transform an ordinary object into something magical other than adding some gold glitter to it!?! So here are my favorite DIYs (including one of my own) for you crafty chicks.

 The bigger the glitter the better! This gold sequins on seafood green nails is so haute. Mint green is everything right now. You'd never thing to pair this 50s color up with gold glitter. But it's modern and it works.

 What an awesome way to glam up your shoes with some glitter! The DIY shows mixing Martha Stewart glitter with Mod Podge. But you can use the Martha Stewart glitter paint. It's already mixed for you! You could even buy a few colors to paint an ombre effect which is the latest trend.

 I love this DIY! You could paint all of your keys different glitter colors.


Glitter puffy paint, sequins and a variety of gems and beads makes these dollar store everyday kiddie candles ultra diva!

 Here is my DIY on how to make a plain old gold vase into something elegant. Just think of how many different shapes and sizes of vases you could do! What a statement centerpiece, right?

And don't forget one of my handmade Dirty Laundry cinnamon sugar cupcake bath fizzes topped with body safe gold glitter to add a summer glow to your skin for a girls night out.
The possibilities with glitter are endless. Now go glitter something!

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