Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wowzer Wednesday - how to get a streak free mirror

Since moving into our new house I've had a really difficult time cleaning the mirror in our living room. In our previous house, the sunlight never directly hit the mirror so I guess I never noticed all the streaks. It looked terrible! This picture was taken after I cleaned the mirror for the fifth time in one day with windex and paper towels. Major streaks!

It was driving me crazy! I reached out to my facebook friends for suggestions on getting a streak free mirror. I received quite a few different suggestions. I tried windex and newspaper, vinegar and paper towels, diluted vinegar and paper towels, vinegar and newspaper, diluted vinegar and newspaper, windex and coffee filters, vinegar and coffee filters, and diluted vinegar and coffee filters. I planned on taking pictures of the mirror after each attempt but I lost my motivation after I started cleaning. The winning combination was diluted vinegar and coffee filters! Take a look at my new streak free mirror. Pretty!

Now that we have that out of the way, I'll show you what is currently decorating the mirror and piano. I mentioned previously that I don't have a mantel. Hopefully that changes soon but for now I recently (yesterday) decorated the piano with a few more Valentine's Day decorations.

I needed some sticky hearts to finish a Valentine's Day gift (more to come on that project later this month) so I picked up a page of bright heart decals from Target. I used the extras to decorate the mirror.

I'm a big fan of my new love frame. If you missed this post, see it here. In addition to the frame, I have my favorite picture of my nephew wearing mickey ears and a little frame my daughter and her BFF made this month.

These prints of my daughter are always on the piano but they fit right into the Valentine's Day decor.

I used my cricut to cut out vinyl hearts to add some fun to the lamp. I'm looking forward to changing this up for different holidays. I also have a framed picture of my nephew, kisses in a heart dish, and another project displaying my daughter's crafting skills.

Lastly, I have a paper love banner hanging on the mirror. Find the free printable here.

Hopefully I'm the only person that was temporarily driven crazy by a streaky mirror...but just in case you need some mirror cleaning tips, I hope this helped!

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