Monday, July 29, 2013

Tailoring Part 1- Taking in a shirt

I love thrift shopping, when I have the time. There is something about finding a good deal that makes me want to shout it out from the top of a building and let everyone know where I got the item. Problem is most thrift shopping takes time to sort through the hundreds of racks and try on everything that catches your eye. With three little munchkins running around, hiding under the racks of clothes I don't really get out shopping much.

I did however make a recent trip to my favorite thrift store and found this adorable top for less than $5. The only problem, it is way too big. But for $5 I figured I could make some minor adjustments.

Tailoring flowy shirts is actually fairly simple.

Step 1: Try on the top and place some pins on both sides measuring where you would like the shirt to fit.
Step 2: Turn the shirt inside out and pin along the side seams from the hem all the way to the underarm slowly tapering as you go.
Step 3: Begin at the bottom hem and slowing sew along the side where you marked at an angle finishing under the arm. I like to sew right through the underarm to get a nice line, no puckering. Repeat with the other side making sure they as even in spacing as possible.

Step 4: Turn shirt right side out and viola, you have a trim shirt that fits you perfectly.

Easy remake and good practice for beginning sewers.


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