Monday, March 25, 2013

Finished-Mockingjay Dress

I am so proud to announce that I finished my dress!!!! Remember from the fabric search giveaway? Seriously so excited about it. I love how it turned out. I fits so perfectly I wore it all day and was comfortable and confident.
My brother-in-law asked if it was my Hunger Games dress and I realized it kinda does look like the mockingjay so I am going with that as the name. When I put it on at first I was worried. I kept thinking of that part in "The Help" when she asks if her dress looks homemade. But my husband, (the loving and supportive husband that he is, and smart did I say that already?) assured me it did not look homemade. And he was right, no body guessed that I had made it. This gave me an extra confidence boost.

 For this dress I chose the tab feature but added a back bow just for fun.
Once I started it was so simple I am already planning on another one with a few alterations. I love how it synches at the waist. And it has pockets for all my little knick knacks. Now I am totally inspired to sew more for myself, I went out and bought 5 new patterns (3 dress patterns and 2 tops). There will be a lot more adult sewing this year!

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Unknown said...

cute dress! the fit is great ^.^