Monday, December 10, 2012

kids craft-felt Christmas trees

It must be December because over the last 3 days the temperature has dropped from 60 degrees and sunny to 25 degrees and still sunny. The sun and blue skies are very enticing for little ones, until they go outside and realize it is freezing!

Hence a lot more time in the house = boredom = a messy house. 

Time for mom to get a little creative.

So over the weekend we decided to make some felt trees for our playroom. I drew the trees on the felt and let the kids cut them out. (Practice cutting skills, very important for a soon to be kindergartener). Next we cut out little colored circles for ornaments on the tree. Then I use sticky back velcro on the back of the circles and the kids decorated their trees.

This is an easy craft that can lead to hours of fun, taking the balls off and putting them back on the trees.

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