Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fabric Find Tuesday #8

My fabric addiction is getting out of hand lately with all the great prints online lately. Here is another line that is so adorable I could just buy the whole line. Okay okay, I'm not that bad but I am teetering on brink of horders (organized horders, that's what they all say right?).

 Anyways, this new line has been floating all over the online fabric sources. Momo, Oh Deer. It is whimsical yet modern in both color and pattern.

Cherry Blossom
 Tangerine Leaf
 Bright Sky Bark
 I love the dear print for fall and the trees. It would make a great lining to a new wool peacoat too. WOW, I better not get started on listing all the ideas for the line, it might just magically appear at my door via credit card (JK).

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