Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kids and Glitter: 10 Tips from Freckles Crafts

This has to be the best picture I've ever seen!  Kids and glitter.  Wow, it can get messy!!
When we think of making a project with children many of us are terrified at the thought of using glitter.  The best part is all kids love glitter!  Something about that magical sparkle is amazing to them.  We all know it can be great fun or a huge mess....or maybe both.  Luckily my great friend, Rebecca of Freckles Crafts, just put together an awesome list of tips for working with glitter.  It's a short list packed full of everything you need to know before starting a glitter project with your little ones.

Dying to get your hands on Rebecca's tips?  These are pulled directly from her 10 Tips For Working With Glitter post:
  1. Apply baby powder to your hands before using glitter and it will not stick.  This also works great to remove it from your little ones hands and face when they are done crafting!
  2. Glittering small objects can be tough for little hands.  Instead of trying to fumble with those little pieces try this method instead:  use a paint brush to spread glue evenly over small pieces.  Fill a small Ziploc sandwich bag with glitter and drop the glued pieces in the bag.  Gently shake until all of the pieces are covered with glitter!
  3. Work over a tray to catch loose glitter and pour the extra back into the jar.  You can purchase a special tray with a funnel on one end at most craft stores, or make one yourself by cutting the corner off of a shoe box lid.
  4. Place glitter in a clean spice jar for the child to use instead of giving them the full (typically large) container that glitter comes in.  It will save on your glitter and be easier for the child to handle.
  5. Did your child get more glitter on the floor than their project?  No problem!  Grab a baby wipe and it will work like a glitter magnet on your countertop and hard floors!
  6. Allow the glue on your project to dry completely before shaking off excess glitter.  More glitter will remain on your project, and you will avoid the mess of glue falling on your work surface.
  7. Hate that glitter gets all over your child’s clothes?  Grab your lint roller!  It will pick up any loose glitter on clothing, and even carpet!
  8. If you can’t find the perfect shade of glitter you can mix two colors together in a separate bottle.  This is a great tip for kids who want to get really creative with their craft project!
  9. Save your glitter projects for a nice day when you can craft outside!  No mess to clean up and worst case scenario your lawn has more sparkle. :)
  10. If I still haven’t convinced you to give the loose glitter a try, then a great alternative is glitter glue.  You will get a similar effect without as much cleanup!
Thanks for the awesome tips Rebecca!

Have fun working on your next glitter project!

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