Saturday, March 10, 2012

Child's Art to a Real "Stuffy Monster"

I am working on getting my three year old daughter back to sleeping in her own bed at night.  We have been very nice and tried everything she's asked.  Clearly that method is not working.  Last week she told me she would sleep in her bed if she had a "stuffy monster."  She went on to tell me a stuffy monster is a nice monster that keeps all the bad monsters out of her room.  She said she saw it at Target.  My daughter will say anything to continue sleeping in our bed...anything.  I suggested we immediately go to Target and buy the stuffy monster.  Her response was "maybe tomorrow."  Sure kid, I'm onto you.  I decided to make her one instead.  I asked her to draw me a picture of what her stuffy monster should look like and I told her she could help me sew.  She picked out all the fabric and approved the design through the entire process. 

My daughter's stuffy monster "design"
 We used a plate as a pattern for the two body pieces.
Between each step I asked my daughter if anything needed to be changed.  She did tell me I needed more circles on the monster's face before she would approve the first step.
She was happy with his eyes, ears, and mouth.
I sewed two legs, added yarn for hair and pinned the two body pieces right sides together.
I sewed around the edges with my sewing machine and left a hole big enough to turn the monster right side out and add stuffing.
My daughter stuffed the monster and I stitched the small hole closed.
She loved her "stuffy monster!"  But guess who slept in my bed last night...


Tina said...

I love it! Great idea, too. Sorry it didn't work, LOL. Robbie has some pretty "good ones" for excuses, too.

Q @ JAQS said...

What a fun monster :)

Love for you to share it at my Linky Party :) -

Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

FAO Schwarz will also do this for you for a zillion dollars.