Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Big To Do List

Yesterday I turned 30.  Not really a big deal but I decided it was time to finally make a list of all the home projects waiting to be completed.  Then my list started expanding to other areas.  I ended up with a long to do long that I've decided to turn it into my list of goals for the year.

We have lived in our new home for less than two years.  It's hard to believe that anything we purchased to move in would be broken at this point.  What were we thinking when we had vertical blinds installed??  We have a dog, two cats, and a very active three year old.  The blinds are not doing so well.

1) Get rid of the vertical blinds!  I would love to have heavy drapes hanging in front of our sliding glass doors instead.
Our home is beautiful and I decided when we moved in I could live with out curtains.  But I've been staring at our windows and slowly going crazy.

2) Hang curtains in the living room.
While we're still in the living room, lets take a look at the pillows on our bench and couch.

3) Update throw pillows.
I've been dreaming of painting this bench a crazy color for months.

4) Paint the bench.
Paint will likely be the start of the living room project.  The only reason I have yet to paint is because I can't decide on a color.  Purple?  Mustard?  Green?

5) Pick a color and paint an accent wall in the living room. 
I'll take a quick break from home projects.

I cook regularly but very seldom use new recipes.  I have about 10 meals that seem to keep rotating in the kitchen.

6) Try one new recipe each week.

We've had our daughter sleeping in our bed for the past year.  It started with her being sick, then afraid of monsters, then restless, then full on manipulating us into thinking it was okay to have a three year old in our bed.  To each their own, but this "kid in my bed" thing is no longer fun.

7) Transition our daughter back to her own room.
Speaking of our bedroom, we could use some color in there.

8) Paint an accent wall in our bedroom.
Along with the wall, we could use updated lamp shades.  I'm thinking really bright and fun.  And looking at that picture, maybe I should dust too!

9) New lamp shades.
Another room lacking in the curtain department.

10) Hang curtains in our bedroom. 
Yes, I have a treadmill in my bedroom.  It's literally the first thing I see when I wake up each morning.

11) Use the treadmill.
We have had the same bathroom decor for about nine years.  I would love to get a new theme in our master bathroom but I don't want it to be too matchy matchy.

12) Paint, maybe stencil, an accent wall in the bathroom.

13) Ditch the existing wall art and make something else.

14) Upgrade towels and rugs.
I've been meaning to make some magnetic frames to hold my make-up collection but I haven't been able to decide on a new color scheme in the bathroom.  I've used that as an excuse because I don't want to paint frames twice.

15) Get my make-up out of this cardboard box and up on a magnetic display frame.
I told you last week my parents gave me a serger for my birthday.  I'm excited and overwhelmed.

16) Learn how to use my serger.
I've had my newest sewing machine for almost two years.  I love it!  But I'm definitely not using it to the fullest potential.  It has an embroidery function.  Unfortunately I have yet to figure out how to use that part.  Hmmmmm.....

17) Learn my (new) sewing machine.
The picture definitely looks worse than it is.  Or maybe I am living in denial.

18) Redo my craft room closet.  I'm thinking a trip to Home Depot and a few hours with my handy dad is necessary!  Dad, you interested?
I have painted a lot in our house already but with this list I've noticed I still have quite a bit to do.

19) Paint an accent wall in my craft room.
I put chalkboard paint in my craft room awhile ago.  But I never finished the project.  This little guy needs framed.

20) Trim the chalkboard wall.
Last year I received an awesome Christmas gift from my husband - a new camera.  Unfortunately it's my first SLR and I'm only taking pictures on auto.

21) Learn my camera.  Maybe take a class.
My husband I do not go out regularly on dates.  We should. 

22) Plan at least one date night per month.

Did you really think I had 30 big goals this year?  Writing this list has been exhausting.  I'm leaving the list where it is with plenty of growing room.  Or maybe I'll just pretend I'm only 22 and be satisfied with my completed list.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I am sorry I am late on telling you! Your bucket list looks great and I can't wait to follow all of your progress! Learning my camera is on my list to. We will have to make sure to take the photo class at SNAP! Can't wait to see you soon!