Monday, February 20, 2012

Minky Blankets

Have you been following the Nesting series at Delia Creates? Maybe it is just me, but I have loved all the ideas posted this month with the baby theme. One idea really sparked my interest, these great minky blankets by Katy from No Big Dill. If you don't know who Katy is she is an amazing seamstress and mother of six (5 girls!). Kinda my idol. Anyways, she made these adorable minky blankets that are so soft and so easy, I just had to try it. I made one for a baby shower I went to and my kids fell in love so we went back to the fabric store and bought fabric for their very own versions. Elizabeth of course picked pink and Jackson wanted the green and blue (so predictable). The toughest part honestly is sewing a straight line, which seems easy but for some reason I needed some practice (blush). She provides a great tutorial and I really think these blankets are great for any age.

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