Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mardi Gras Spaghetti

I meant to post this last Tuesday but something silly was happening with my computer and I was not able to use Blogger. 

My daughter is an extremely picky eater but she didn't hesitate for a second when I gave her purple spaghetti!  The green sauce was also exciting for her.
I didn't have purple food coloring so I mixed red and blue.
Just add the color directly to your water before adding the pasta.
Boil your pasta and a few minutes later you have purple spaghetti!
The sauce was quick and easy too.  I used a jar of white sauce because I wasn't sure how the dye would do in red sauce.
I added some green food coloring and stirred until the color was mixed evenly.
Perfect festive Mardi Gras Spaghetti!
Remember you can turn your pasta other colors too.  Great trick for the picky eater!

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Carla said...

I think I'd have a hard time eating it but leave it to the kids. Too funny