Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Clothing Makeover - Old Sweater to New Cardigan

I'm really excited to wear my new cardigan!  Isn't it pretty?
It didn't start out so pretty.  In fact, it didn't even start out as a cardigan.  This was an old sweater that had made it to the bottom of my "you should do something with this" pile.  At one point I had cut down the middle and chopped off the neckline.  Then it went back to the bottom of the pile with out a second glance...until tonight.
In addition to the sweater, I used an old pair of maternity pants in this project.  I don't plan on any more babies but even if it were to happen, I would not be wearing these pants again.  The fabric was perfect for the trim on my new cardigan!
I cut the pants into strips of fabric.  I cut a couple of 3" strips and a couple of 4" strips.
I used my sewing machine to put a zig zag stitch on the edges to prevent fraying.
Next I sewed two strips directly to the edge of the sweater (the 3" strip on top of the 4" strip).
I finished the neckline by simply rolling the edges and securing with a straight stitch.
A pretty button completed the cardigan.
I promised my daughter I would take her to the zoo tomorrow morning.  I'm looking forward to debuting my new cardigan!

The downside to sewing at midnight is not wanting to take any pictures of yourself modeling what you've made.  Trust me, it's been a long day...

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