Friday, November 18, 2011

Our New Pet Lizard (Kids Craft)

We have a problem in our house - my daughter really really wants a pet lizard.  We have done everything to try and change her mind.  Unfortunately she is just not letting this go.  This morning I found the perfect solution!  Meet our newest pet: Airplane, the lizard.
My daughter knows he isn't real but so far has been perfectly content talking to him all morning.

We went to a book fair with a friend yesterday and were given a small lizard poster.  My daughter loved it and named the lizard Airplane.  I planned on framing the poster for her playroom but then decided to make a cage instead.
I had a plastic packaging container in my closet.  Perfect home for our new pet!
My daughter had a lot of finding rocks and sticks for the lizard's new home.
I trimmed the poster and glued it to the back of the box.  Then I cut a piece of brown paper to fit in the bottom.  I glued the paper and rocks to the bottom with my glue gun.  We found a small container for a food dish, embellished it, and glued in sticks.  Why sticks?  My daughter thought it would be a great lunch for Airplane!  Works for me.
Dory the fish and Airplane the lizard are new best friends!
Hopefully this keeps my daughter from continuing to beg for a real pet lizard!

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