Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Find Friday - new glue gun

I had a crafting emergency at my house this week.  My glue gun broke!  At some point I had a backup but it was nowhere to be found.  I finally made it out to Michaels this morning with a 40% off coupon.  I expected to spend less than 10 dollars and had no idea I would come home with such an awesome new tool.  I accidentally stumbled on Aleene's cordless ultimate glue gun kit and knew I needed it!  I used my coupon and spent approximately 15 dollars on my new glue gun.

This glue gun is incredible!  Check out all the features -

The Aleene's Cordless Dual Temp gun is designed for the crafter who wants the feel and size of a higher performance glue gun and with the unique feature of a removable cord allowing it to be used almost anywhere. Special extension nozzles insure precision glue application. It offers 40 watts of power.
Aleene's Corldess Ultimate Glue Gun Kit includes:
- Gold Aleene's Cordless Palm Feed Dual Temp glue gun with
- Comfortable palm feed application
- Fast heating - twice as fast as smaller mini guns
- High output - more than twice as much as smaller mini guns
- Cordless - can be used cord-free for up to 3 minutes
- Three specialty nozzles
- Needle Nose nozzle
- Flat Spreader nozzle
- Side Cut nozzle
- 8 General Purpose multi-temp clear Aleene-s .44" diameter standard glue sticks
- 8" removable cord
- Handy storage case containing all of the above. Unlike other glue gun cases, our case is specifically designed to hold the gun with glue after use. Includes a built in carrying handle.

Awesome, right?  YES! 

Although it seems I was probably paid for such a great review, I wasn't.  I just happened to get lucky and come home with this super tool and wanted to share what I found.


Jeanine The Crafting Fiend said...

A broken glue gun is indeed a crafters emergency! I love your new one! I just have the basic 3$ Micheals one

SplendidlyImperfect said...

Dang. I just have the little cheap one too, AND I've had it for about 17 years. This is like the Cadillac of glue guns!!!

Tina said...

I have a cordless one, too, but it runs on batteries. It's great, BUT, it goes through batteries fast. I would've probly been better off with one that had a detachable cord.

Luv2Craft said...

I just bit the bullet on this as well all though I wish I could say I only spent 15$ on it mine at the Canadian Michaels is more expensive it's 44.99$ without cupon and I used a 40% off so I paid with txs 30.50$ fir mine .I did go online to check out the options and reviews on which to buy and a lot of people say this is a good one plus it's nice to have the case and the 3 extra tips included , wich in total gives u 4 tips to use ..I hope I'll be happy with my choice ....Does anyone know which r good glue stick refills to buy for this if unable to purchase exactly Aleene's refills.? Please help new to using glue gun last one I owned I was in my teens and late 20's lol.thanks