Thursday, June 16, 2011

All Zipped Up Skirt

I admit it...I have a little bit of a fetish with notions. Buttons, Ricrac, ribbons, and zippers. I am always trying to incorporate them into my projects. This week I used a great green zipper I got for $1. I am sure you have seen something similar to this floating around the blogging world. Ruffles are so popular and I love the idea of a peek-a-boo skirt but how can I make it my own? Then I got the great idea of using a zipper as the peek-a-boo facilitator. I used pre-made ruffles as well because lets face is just easier. A little girly, and sweet for summer months.

Sorry I didn't take step by step instructions but here is a quick breakdown. SERIOUSLY EASY.

1. Cut two panels about 12 inch by 36 inch. (This is for a 2T)
2. On one of the panels I measured about 17 inches over and cut it, leaving me with two pieces.
3. Attach your zipper to these two pieces, now you have a panel with a zipper down the middle
4. Cut a triangle of fabric that will fit in the space where you want the ruffles to show. I just guessed by unzipping it up to about 1 inch and making the triangle from that space.
5. Layer the ruffles on the triangle.
6. Attach the triangle under the zipper part of the skirt
7. Then I created a waist band by sewing on a 3 inch piece to the top of each skirt, this will be flipped under to create the elastic casing for your waist.
8. Sew the sides together.
9. Make your elastic casing and put the elastic in.
10. Hem the bottom.

I know, not great instructions but if you know even a little about sewing you should be able to get it.

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