Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Necklace from Home Depot?

I am being a little selfish this week because all my projects are for MEEE. But I think that sometimes moms need some special attention, even if it is from themselves. I was inspired by WIWW to create some projects to pump up my wardrobe and make me feel pretty.

I got this idea a long time ago and actually made it with the young women of my church. It was originally just a one washer necklace with scrap paper mod podged to the outside. I thought it would be fun to take several washers and make a chain out of them. It is so easy and fun to make, plus very cost wise since it only costs about $3. (I am all about being thirfty these days.)

All you need is some washers from Home Depot or another hardware store
Glue gun

I bought 3 bags of washers in varying sizes. Mind you that the larger the washer the heavier the necklace will be. I laid the washers out on the table and rearranged them until I saw a pattern that I liked. Then I took some ribbon I already owned and started weaving it through each washer hole making sure to overlap the washers so they stay in place. Sorry I don't have pictures but I did find this site that had a similar idea HERE a year ago. Once I was done with the weaving I made a few rolled roses. Then I glued the roses to some felt and glued that to the end washers. One tip I have is to make sure all your washers are facing the same way, there is a shiny side and a dull side.

I wore it yesterday and I can't believe how many people complimented me on it. It is fun and creative and you will definitely be noticed when you are out and about. I think it would be fun to add scrap paper to the outside of the washers or even break up the roses so they are on both sides. There are so many options.

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