Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jessica's t-shirt dress

Jessica is still in Hawaii so I'm bringing you another one of her great posts! 

I love easy spring and summer dresses and t-shirt dresses are one of my favorite styles. I love how it has the look of a top and skirt but it is connected. The other day I was browsing through Target (one of my favorite "I'm bored" places to go) when I saw this sweet white shirt. It was a v-neck with a flower embellishment on the front. Trendy but still sweet. So I thought to myself I am going to take this shirt and make it into something spectacular.

I don't know if I achieved spectacular but it is pretty cute and comfy. I used the same method for this dress as I did for the block dress except I used one large tub for the skirt (instead of 3 block panels) and I left the casing on the outside as a mid-section to the dress. This would be easy to make as an adult dress as well.

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Rebecca said...

That is SUPER cute!!! So fun meeting you last night, Heather! :)