Thursday, April 14, 2011

Placket Tunic Top

I have had this pink and gray fabric for-ev-er. I bought it on a whim on Thanksgiving at a sale along with some other coordinating fabrics (including an ugly pink, yellow, gray, and charcoal striped number that I am sure I will probably NEVER use) and I could never find anything to make with it. The problem is the pink is a purple pink and very hard to match. So when I saw this shirt I knew I could make it work.

I am sure you have seen this shirt floating around the blogs. I would love to have "all new and original" ideas but the truth is something I see something that is too cute to not make. I changed it a big of course creating the placket differently, making puff sleeves with a trim, and adding a contrast boarder on the bottom.

To create the top all you need is an a-line shape that you cut across about 2 inches under the armpit and all the ruffle placket to the front. Then sew the two front pieces together and you have the front of the shirt. There are a plethora of ways to finish it off. Buttons down the back, an elastic button closure at the top (this was my choice) or even a zipper down the back. I would love to make another one with a dark metal zipper because that look is really on trend right now. I must say it is easy and breezy, the perfect shirt for spring and summertime.

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