Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baseball themed nursery art

Obviously I never got around to posting pictures of my project Sunday. My plans changed when I woke up to a sick little girl. We've pretty much been home watching plenty of Nemo and eating soup to feel better.

I had planned on showing you the baseball themed nursery art I had created. A friend contacted me over a month ago and asked if I could make a scoreboard for her new nursery. She is expecting a son later this year. I usually don't have the opportunity to make something fun for boys. She sent me a picture of a scoreboard she would like replicated (sorry I don't know the actual source).

I started with a blank canvas big enough to hang over a crib.

I used painters tape to completely mark off the edges around the canvas.

I also used the tape to mark off lines for the sections on the scoreboard.

Next I took my canvas to the empty lot next door to spray paint. Being that we just moved into our new home a little while ago, I don't have a good set up for spray paint yet. I'm terrified of getting paint all over our new house, garage, yard, patio, pavers, etc., etc., etc.!

The canvas needed several coats of spray paint...this picture was taken after the first coat.

I let it dry for most of the day in our garage. Then I brought it inside to add some details. I used sticky backed paper to cut out the black rectangles, white letters/numbers, and red digital numbers. I initially planned to paint them but changed my mind when I realized how difficult it would be to paint white over blue. I could have used stencils before the spray paint but that didn't seem too appealing at the time either.

I used my cricut to cut the white letters and numbers. I didn't have a cartridge with the perfect font so I just used the cut out letters as guides and then trimmed each letter until I was happy with how they looked. This picture shows several letters in different trimming stages.

I had a hard time coming up with a way to make the digital numbers. I ended up cutting slanted rectangles to start with.

Then I used a picture of digital numbers (on my iPhone because my husband was using the computer in my office) to cut each of them and draw dashes where there were breaks in the numbers.

I was really satisfied with how the numbers turned out.

I covered the canvas with two coats of modge podge (with several hours of drying in between each coat).

It turned out perfect!!

I delivered the canvas to my friend today and she loved it! It is the perfect addition to her baseball themed nursery!

While I was there I also added a vinyl wall quote above the window. The room is still serving as their home office so above the window was the safest place to put the vinyl with out yet knowing how she would arrange baby furniture.

I am excited to see her finished nursery!

I have all the dimensions for the sections and spacing. If you're interested in making a scoreboard similar to mine, please email me and I would be happy to share the dimensions so you won't have to spend time figuring it out.


Tina said...

That is so awesome! You did an amazing job cutting out the numbers. They look just like digital numbers! I love the wall quote, too.

Jessica Stoker said...

This looks amazing, just like the real thing.