Monday, March 28, 2011

Not another Mobile

Mobiles are so much fun to make because there are so many different ways of creating them. I had a lot of comments on the butterfly mobile so I decided to show you another version of a mobile that I made for my cousin. It is fabric and super easy to make.


Wood circle from Michael's- holes are already drilled through these
Wood balls with holes already drilled through (30-35)
Heat and Bond

I started by painting the circle and balls. This honestly took the most time because I did all of them by hand. It would probably be easier to just throw the balls in a paint pan and roll them all around. Then I decided how long I wanted the ribbons to hang and how many circles (or whatever shape you choose) I wanted on each string. I put 4 circles on each ribbon and used about 1-1 1/2 yards of ribbon for each hanging section. Then I cut the circles out of the fabric on my cricut. Actually scratch that, first I ironed the heat and bond to the back of the fabric. Then I used a method I learned from Heather to cut the circles on my cricut.

***Apply heat and bond to your fabric. Spray the fabric with starch several times to make sure it gets nice and stiff (about 3 times letting it dry in between each time). Then I applied the fabric to my cricut matt and cut the circles. You will have to play around with the size you like. Cut 2 times as many circles as you want to put on your ribbons because you need one for each side.

Then I attached the circles to the ribbon by ironing the circles together with the ribbon in between. Then I sewed a large stitch all the way down the ribbon to make sure it stayed in place. I did this for all the ribbons until all my circles were attached.

Then I pulled the ribbon through the drilled holes up through the bottom. Next I took some thin white ribbon and attached it to the colored circle ribbons tying it in a bow to make it look nice and finished. Repeat with all the circle ribbons. Finally I strung the painted balls on the white ribbon and tied it at the top (this is where it will hang from the ceiling). Lastly because my cousin's nursery theme is elephants I attached a cloth elephant to the bottom circle on each of the ribbons. This just added some personality and individuality.

It took awhile to make but it was really simple. Just lots of steps. But so worth it. I love it and I know she loves it in little Ryder's room.


Boden said...

Very cute! I really like the beaded ribbons that the mobile is hanging from, it adds a really fun pop to the whole project! Great colors and a great idea! I hope you'll come check my blog out, ~Jen

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