Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Easy pretty sleeves

Do you like the sleeves on these shirts?

They were incredibly easy to make!! My daughter had a cute shirt from The Childrens Place with these same sleeves. I was sure I could figure out how to add some fun to a few of her plain shirts.

All you need is some skinny elastic, thread (same color as shirt), and a sewing machine (I'm sure you can do this by hand if you don't have a sewing machine). For the red shirt, I used a 3 inch piece of elastic on each sleeve. The yellow shirt has a 5 inch piece of elastic on each sleeve. I've seen these with the elastic ran from shoulder to cuff...it just depends on the look you are going for. I tried pinning the elastic before sewing but that was a disaster. Instead I just held it as I sewed. I started by placing the shoulder seam of my shirt with elastic directly under my sewing machine needle.

Then I slowly stitched with a reinforcement a few times. After that, I pulled the elastic as I stitched to the end of the elastic. I sewed a reinforcement stitch at the end and was finished.

It really doesn't matter if your stitch isn't perfectly straight because you are sewing with the same color thread as your shirt. You don't see the stitching on the outside of your sleeve. Your stitch on the elastic should look something similar to this:

Now you have a pretty sleeve!

I embellish shirts a lot and get really annoyed when I find a color I like in a boys style and can't find the same for girls. Sure I could dye the fabric...or now I can just buy the boys version and make the sleeves pretty and girly! Both shirts in this posts were from the boys section at Wal-mart before I embellished them!

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