Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dictionary love poem

I saw a really fun idea to make love poems using an old dictionary at mmmmboppin' last week. To see the original post, go here.

Our wedding anniversary was this week so I used the idea to make my husband a sweet card letting him know how wonderful I think he is. I originally planned on making a wall hanging for his office but then when I realized the size of my dictionary, I decided to make a card instead.

I printed his name on blue cardstock and folded it in half to make a card. I glued the clippings from the dictionary directly onto the card next to the letters. The little red heart gave it a splash of color. We were on vacation last week so I had very limited time to make a card. This could have turned out so much cuter but given the 15 minutes I had to make it, I think it's perfect and my husband loved it!

This would make a perfect Valentine's Day card for someone special!

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