Friday, April 13, 2012

Earrings Painted with Nail Polish

Yesterday at Target I noticed a few pairs of bright colored earrings.  I didn't purchase any but couldn't stop thinking about the accessories.  Instead of going out again to buy the earrings, I raided my own jewelry box.  I had a couple of pairs of inexpensive earrings that could benifit from a color change.

I wasn't sure if I should use acrylic or spray paint.  I looked through my paint inventory and didn't find any exciting colors to use on my earrings.  In trying to decide on a color I realized I have so many bright colored nail polishes.  I picked two colors that would make great earrings: Sally Hansen's Blue Streak and Elf's Fire Coral.
I used pliers to remove the hardware on the jewelry.

I painted the earrings with the nail polish brush.  They took several coats of polish to be fully covered.  I was careful not to apply the polish too thick because I didn't want to cover the pretty details.

after first coat
I love how they turned out!  Now I just need to find the perfect clothes to pair them with before the SNAP conference next week! 
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  1. Fun makeover--way to think outside of the box!

  2. brilliant idea and great results!

  3. I have a pair of earrings that discoloured - what a great way to save them! Thanks for taking the time to share!

  4. This is so brilliant. I am featuring this on tickled pink and I pinned it...because it is awesome!


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