Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday - Disney Vacation Style

Before I get started with road trip advice (my next post later today), I wanted to participate in WIWW at The Pleated Poppy.  This is the perfect opportunity to share a few pictures of what our family was wearing on our California vacation last week. 

It was pretty warm last week in Anaheim so I will spare you all the pictures of me with my hair pulled back in shorts and tank tops but I will share the pictures of the few times I took more than five minutes to get myself ready to go out.

We were in San Diego Saturday and Sunday.  Both days were spent at Sea World.  Sunday evening we went to dinner at the Old Town Mexican Cafe.  We were out late and the weather was great!  Cool enough for a light cardigan.
Top: Local Boutique
Cardigan: Refashion by me (I cut an Old Navy Shirt down the middle front and hemmed the edges - easy!)
Pants: Charlotte Russe skinnies
Shoes: Target (I keep talking about how old and horrible these are but can't stop wearing them)
Earring: Christmas gift from my MIL years ago

 We spent Monday to Friday in Disneyland.  I was especially happy because my daughter agreed to wear the 4th of July outfit I made for her!
Shirt and headband: made by me, see project details here
Shorts: Target
Shoes: Old Navy and embellished by me, see project details here

Tuesday my daughter was excited to show Minnie her new dress.
Dress: made by me, see project details here
Shoes: same as worn above

How cute was my husband toting around our daughter on his shoulders all week? 
My husband's shirt: made by me, see project details here

We didn't stay too long at Disneyland Wednesday morning because walking around in the heat really wore us out!  My daughter definitely looked like she could use a nap!
By dinner time we were all feeling energized and went to The Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney.  Quick story about my daughter's favorite stuffed dances and sings a really annoying song.  She received it from her grandma on Easter.  The bunny had been missing for a couple of months and my daughter asked for help finding him every single day.  The day before we went on our trip she found the bunny.  She was so excited and brought him along on vacation.  Yes, she brought the SINGING bunny on our six hour car drive to California!  She also tried to bring him everywhere we went while on vacation.  We talked her out of dragging him into Disneyland with us by mentioning that he might get lost again.  There was no talking her out of bringing the bunny to dinner Wednesday night.  She gave him a ride on her shoulders back to the car after dinner.
Dress: made by me, see project details here
Shoes: Target (purchased on sale in store, I just noticed you can pick up a good priced pair online here)

The only other picture I am sharing of myself is from dinner Wednesday evening.  Take note of my shoes.  I actually forgot to pack socks and shoes for this trip.  I didn't want to walk around in only flip flops and sandals all week so I picked up a pair of new shoes on clearance at Target.  They might not be too cute but I didn't have to purchase socks and they were super comfy!
Top: Gap
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Target (available online here)
Necklace: Old Navy

Thursday my daughter asked to wear her "Minnie bow" to see Minnie Mouse.  She said Minnie would love it.  The bow is red with white dots and was perfect for a day at Disneyland!
Shirt: Disney Store
Tutu: gift from her great grandma

We drove home Friday morning and we were all in very comfortable road trip clothes!
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